Körperschaftsname - Verweisungsform

engl.: See from tracing - Corporate name Pica+ 029@ Anm. Subfields wie in 029A Pica3 250 Pica+ 029C Körperschaftsmname - provisorische Verweisungsform Pica3 n251 Körperschaftsmname - provisorische Verweisungsform MAB 810 Verweisungsform 1 zum Namen der Körperschaft MAB 803 Übersetzung des Körperschaftsnamens 811 Zusätzliche Angaben zur 1. Verweisungsform 812 Verweisungsform 2 zum Namen der Körperschaft 813 Zusätzliche Angaben zur 2. Verweisungsform 814815/848849 Verweisungsformen 3-20 MARC21 410 See From Tracing--Corporate Name (R) Subfields: $a Corporate name or jurisdiction name as entry element $b Subordinate unit (R) $c Location of meeting $d Date of meeting or treaty signing (R) $e Relator term (R) $f Date of a work $g Miscellaneous information $h Medium $i Relationship information (R) $k Form subheading (R) $l Language of a work $m Medium of performance for music (R) $n Number of part/section/meeting (R) $o Arranged statement for music $p Name of part/section of a work (R) $r Key for music $s Version $t Title of a work $v Form subdivision (R) $w Control subfield
** 0 Special relationship .... a Earlier heading .... b Later heading .... d Acronym .... f Musical composition .... g Broader term .... h Narrower term .... i Reference instruction phrase in subfield$i .... n Not applicable ** 1 Tracing use restriction .... a Name reference structure only .... b Subject reference structure only .... c Series reference structure only .... d Name and subject reference structures .... e Name and series reference structures .... f Subject and series reference structures .... g Name, subject, and series reference structures .... n Not applicable ** 2 Earlier form of heading .... a Pre-AACR 2 form of heading (national name authority file) .... e Earlier established form of heading (national authority file) .... o Earlier established form of heading (other authority file) .... n Not applicable ** 3 Reference display .... a Reference not displayed .... b Reference not displayed, field 664 used .... c Reference not displayed, field 663 used .... d Reference not displayed, field 665 used .... n Not applicable $x General subdivision (R) $y Chronological subdivision (R) $z Geographic subdivision (R) $4 Relationship code (R) $5 Institution to which field applies (R) $6 Linkage Indic/etc.: 1st: Type of corporate name entry element 0 Inverted name 1 Jurisdiction name 2 Name in direct order 2nd: Undefined; contains a blank (#) allegro #6na Anm. Mehrfachtrennung: "; " ... #6nr Körperschaftsname - s.a. Hinweis ZDB kva-kvt BIS 6121-6129k .... 6132k AACR-Form des Körperschaftsnamens

2013 -05 -02
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