Parallelausgabe - Titel

engl.: Other edition entry MARC21 775 Other Edition Entry (R) Subfields: $a Main entry heading $b Edition $c Qualifying information $d Place, publisher, and date of publication $e Language code $f Country code $g Relationship information (R) $h Physical description of source $i Display text [NEW] $k Series data for related item (R) $m Material-specific details [NEW] $n Note (R) [NEW] $o Other item identifier [NEW] $q Parallel title (BK SE) [obs.] $r Report number (R) $s Uniform title $t Title $u Standard Technical Report Number $w Record control number (R) $x International Standard Serial Number $y CODEN designation $z International Standard Book Number (R) $6 Linkage $7 Control subfield
** 0 Type of main entry heading .... p Personal name .... c Corporate name .... m Meeting name .... u Uniform title .... n Not applicable ** 1 Form of name ** If$7/0 = p (Personal name): .... 0 Forename .... 1 Single surname .... 2 Multiple surname .... 3 Family name ** If$7/0 = c (Corporate name) or m (Meeting name): .... 0 Inverted name .... 1 Jurisdiction name .... 2 Name in direct order ** If$7/0 = u (Uniform title) or n (Not applicable): .... n Not applicable ** 2 Type of record .... a Language material .... b Archival and manuscripts control [obs.] .... c Printed music .... d Manuscript music .... e Printed map .... f Manuscript map .... g Projected medium .... i Nonmusical sound recording .... j Musical sound recording .... k Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic .... m Computer file .... o Kit .... p Mixed material .... r Three-dimensional artifact or .... naturally occurring object .... t Manuscript language material ** 3 Bibliographic level .... a Monographic component part .... b Serial component part .... c Collection .... d Subunit .... m Monograph/item .... s Serial Indic/etc.: 1st: Note controller 0 Display note 1 Do not display note 2nd: Undefined; contains a blank (#) 2nd: Edition entry same as main entry or title (SE) [obs.] 0 Entry not the same [obs.] 1 Entry is the same as title [obs.] 2 Entry is the same as main entry and title [obs.] UNIMARC 451 Other edition in same medium - linking entry allegro #23P ... #81P Fußnote zum parallelen Titel

2013 -05 -02
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