MARC21 270 Address (R) [Community information] Subfields: $a Address (R) $b City $c State or province $d Country $e Postal code $f Title preceding attention name $g Attention name $h Title following attention name $i Type of address $j Specialized telephone number (R) $k Telephone number (R) $l Fax number (R) $m Electronic mail address (R) $n TDD or TTY number (R) $p Contact person (R) $q Title of contact person (R) $r Hours (R) $z Public note (R) $4 Relator code $6 Linkage Indic/etc.: 1st: Level # No level specified 1 Primary address 2 Secondary address 2nd: Type of address # No type specified 0 Mailing 7 Type specified in $i MARC21 371 Address [Authority] Subfields: $a Address $b City $c Intermediate jurisdiction $d Country $e Postal code $m E-Mail $s Start period $t End period $u uniform resource ideitifier $v Source of information $z Public note $4 Relator code $6 Linkage $8 Field link and sequence number

2013 -05 -02
Auszug aus der allegro - Formatedatenbank
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