Übergeordnete Gesamtheit

engl.: Host item entry; Analytic record Definition: Angabe des Gesamtwerks, in Textform und/oder per ID-Nummer Pica+ 036 Pica3 41YY Pica3 411Y Gesamtheit der digitalen Sammlung in Vorlageform MAB 451496 Segment Gesamttitelangaben MAB 451456 1. Gesamtheit 461466 2. Gesamtheit 471476 3. Gesamtheit 481486 4. Gesamtheit 491496 5. Gesamtheit MARC21 773 Host Item Entry (R) Subfields: $a Main entry heading $b Edition $d Place, publisher, and date of publication $g Relationship information (R) $h Physical description of source $i Display text [NEW] $k Series data for related item (R) $m Material-specific details [NEW] $n Note (R) [NEW] $o Other item identifier [NEW] $p Abbreviated title $q Enumeration and first page $r Report number (R) $s Uniform title $t Title $u Standard Technical Report Number $w Record control number (R) $x International Standard Serial Number $y CODEN designation $z International Standard Book Number (R) $3 Materials specified $4 Relationship code $6 Linkage $7 Control subfield
** 0 Type of main entry heading .... p Personal name .... c Corporate name .... m Meeting name .... u Uniform title .... n Not applicable ** 1 Form of name ** If$7/0 = p (Personal name): .... 0 Forename .... 1 Single surname .... 2 Multiple surname .... 3 Family name ** If$7/0 = c (Corporate name) or m (Meeting name): .... 0 Inverted name .... 1 Jurisdiction name .... 2 Name in direct order ** If$7/0 = u (Uniform title) or n (Not applicable): .... n Not applicable ** 2 Type of record .... a Language material .... b Archival and manuscripts control [obs.] .... c Printed music .... d Manuscript music .... e Printed map .... f Manuscript map .... g Projected medium .... i Nonmusical sound recording .... j Musical sound recording .... k Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic .... m Computer file .... o Kit .... p Mixed material .... r Three-dimensional artifact or .... naturally occurring object .... t Manuscript language material ** 3 Bibliographic level .... a Monographic component part .... b Serial component part .... c Collection .... d Subunit .... m Monograph/item .... s Serial Indic/etc.: 1st: Note controller 0 Display note 1 Do not display note 2nd: Undefined; contains a blank (#) UNIMARC 461 Link from piece or subset to set level 462 Link from piece to subset level 463 Link from a part to the piece level Indic/etc.: contains embedded fields linking the record to the upper level Ex: 461_1$1001IdNr$1200_1$aSeries title$vVolume allegro #84

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