Serie - Nebeneintragung

engl.: Series added entry - title MARC21 840 Series Added Entry--Title (bk Cf Mp Mu Se Vm Mx) [obs.] Subfields: $a Title [obs.] $h Medium [obs.] $v Volume or number [obs.] Indic/etc.: 1st: Undefined; contains a blank (#) [obs.] 2nd: Number of nonfiling characters [obs.] 0-9 Number of nonfiling characters present [obs.] UKMARC 840 Series title added entry heading Subfields: $a Series title $l Alphabetic or numeric designation and/or title of subseries $v Number within series $w ISSN Indic/etc.: nur besetzt, wenn 490 (Indic.1=1) oder 532 Indic.1=0, Indic.2=nonfiling characters UNIMARC 225 Subfields: $a Series title $b Parallel series title $e Other title information $f Statement of responsibility $h Number of a part $i Name of a part $v Volume designation (nicht sortierfähig) $x ISSN of series $z Language of parallel title Indic/etc.: Indic.1: 0=Series title is not the same as access point in 410 1=No access point (no 410) 2=Access point in 410 is identical In all cases access point to be recorded in 410 allegro #85 Anm. Serientitel_;_Bandnummer_:_Unterserie, oder _IdNr_;_Bandnummer

2013 -05 -02
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