engl.: Form of item MARC21 008'23BK,CF,MU,SE,MX Values: # None of the following a Microfilm b Microfiche c Microopaque d Large print f Braille g Punched paper tape [obs.] h Magnetic tape [obs.] i Multimedia [obs.] o online (remote) q direct electronic (local on disc etc.) r Regular print reproduction z Other form of reproduction [obs.] UKMARC 008'23 Material designation Values: A Map B Globe C Art original D Chart E Filmstrip F Flash card G Picture H Slide I Technical drawing J Transparency K Machine-readable data file L Manuscript M Microform N Motion picture O Kit P Music Q Diorama R Game S Microscope slide T Model U Realia V Sound recording W Text X Videorecording Indic/etc.: Corresponds to General Material Designation , AACR2 1.1C1 Kommentar: siehe auch Datenträger; Physikalische Form

2013 -05 -02
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