Geographisches Schlagwort

engl.: Subject added entry - Geographic name Pica+ 044A$b Pica3 5500_|g|_ MAB 740g Geographical name used as subject (W50) MAB 710b (W50) 902g Geographisch-ethnographisches Schlagwort als Kettenglied MARC21 651 Subject Added Entry--Geographic Name (R) Subfields: $a Geographic name $b Geographic name following place entry element (R) [obs.] $4 Relator term (R) $v Form subdivision (R) [NEW] $x General subdivision (R) $y Chronological subdivision (R) $z Geographic subdivision (R) $0 Authority record control number $2 Source of heading or term $3 Materials specified $4 Relator code (R) $6 Linkage Indic/etc.: 1st: Undefined; contains a blank (#) 2nd: Subject heading system/thesaurus 0 Library of Congress Subject Headings/LC authority files 1 LC subject headings for children's literature 2 Medical Subject Headings/NLM authority files 3 National Agricultural Library subject authority file 4 Source not specified 5 Canadian Subject Headings/NLC authority file 6 Repertoire des vedettes-matiere/NLC authority file 7 Source specified in subfield $2 UKMARC 651 Geographical Library of Congress subject heading Subfields: $a Entry element $x Subject or form subdivision (R) $y Period (chronological) subdivision (R) $z Place subdivision (R) Indic/etc.: Governments and govt. bodies in 610 Indic. as in 600 UNIMARC 607 Geographical name used as subject allegro #31g Anm. Mehrfachtrennung: "; "

2013 -05 -02
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