Belletristik Indikator

engl.: Literary form; Fiction indicator Pica+ 015@$0S Pica3 1401S MARC21 008'33BK Literary form Values: 0 Not fiction (not further specified) 1 Fiction (not further specified) c Comic strips d Dramas e Essays f Novels h Humor, satires,etc. i Letters j Short stories m Mixed forms p Poetry s Speeched u Unknown literary form UKMARC 008'33 Literary text and type of publication code Values: c Cartographic materials d Drama (incl. television plays, scenarios, etc.) e Essays f Fiction h Humour / satire, etc. (not cartoons etc.) i Letters (as a literary form; for correspondence --> 008'34) j Short stories m Miscellany p Poetry (incl. non-literary works in verse) r Music s Speeches / oratory t Treaties w Official standard specifications (publ. by BSI, ISO, etc.) x Laws # (no code) UNIMARC 105'11 Literature code Values: a fiction b drama (incl. television plays, scenarios, etc.) c essays d humour / satire, etc. (not cartoons etc.) e letters (as a literary form; for correspondence --> 008'34) f short stories g poetry (incl. non-literary works in verse) h speeches / oratory y not a literary text z multiple or other literary forms

2013 -05 -02
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