engl.: Form of composition MARC21 008'18-19MU Values: an Anthems bg Bluegrass music bl Blues bt Ballets ca Chaconnes cb Chants, Other religions cc Chant, Christian cg Concerti grossi ch Chorales cl Chorale preludes cn Canons and rounds co Concertos cp Chansons, polyphonic cr Carols cs Chance compositions ct Cantatas cy Country music cz Canzonas df Dance forms dv Divertimentos, serenades, cassations, divertissements, notturni fg Fugues fm Folk music ft Fantasias gm Gospel music hy Hymns jz Jazz mc Musical revues and comedies md Madrigals mi Minuets mo Motets mp Motion picture music mr Marches ms Masses mu Multiple forms mz Mazurkas nc Nocturnes nn Not applicable op Operas or Oratorios ov Overtures pg Program music pm Passion music po Polonaises pp Popular music pr Preludes ps Passacaglias pt Part-songs pv Pavans rc Rock music rd Rondos rg Ragtime music ri Ricercars rq Requiems sg Songs sn Sonatas sp Symphonic poems st Studies and exercises su Suites sy Symphonies tc Toccatas ts Trio-sonatas uu Unknown vr Variations wz Waltzes zz Other Indic/etc.: Wenn mehr als ein Code nötig, dann diese in 047 und hier "mu" MARC21 047 Subfields: $a Form of musical composition code (R) Indic/etc.: Wenn mehr als ein Code erforderlich, d.h. 008'18-19 (006'01-02) nicht reicht UNIMARC 128$a Values: : (in addition to USMARC:) ai Airs ar Arias in Intermezzos li lieder pf Prelude and fugue rp Rhapsodies si Sinfonias sq Square dances

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