Definition: zum Nutzungsrecht des E-Dokuments Pica+ 037I Pica3 4239 MARC21 542 Information Relating to Copyright Status (R) Subfields: $a Personal creator (NR) $b Personal creator death date (NR) $c Corporate creator (NR) $d Copyright holder (R) $e Copyright holder contact information (R) $f Copyright statement (R) $g Copyright date (NR) $h Copyright renewal date (R) $i Publication date (NR) $j Creation date (NR) $k Publisher (R) $l Copyright status (NR) $m Publication status (NR) $n Note (R) $o Research date (NR) $q Supplying agency (NR) $r Jurisdiction of copyright assessment (NR) $s Source of information (NR) $u Uniform Resource Identifier (R) $3 Materials specified (NR) $6 Linkage (NR) $8 Field link and sequence number (R)

2013 -05 -02
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