Geospatiale Referenzdaten

MARC21 342 Geospatial Reference Data (R) [Provisional] [NEW] Subfields: $a Name $b Coordinate or distance units $c Latitude resolution $d Longitude resolution $e Standard parallel or oblique line latitude (R) $f Oblique line longitude (R) $g Longitude of central meridian or projection center $h Latitude of projection origin or projection center $i False easting $j False northing $k Scale factor $l Height of perspective point above surface $m Azimuthal angle $n Azimuth measure point longitude or straight vertical longitude from pole $o Landsat number and path number $p Zone identifier $q Ellipsoid name $r Semi-major axis $s Denominator of flattening ratio $t Vertical resolution $u Vertical encoding method $v Local planar, local, or other projection or grid description $w Local planar or local georeference information $2 Reference method used $6 Linkage Indic/etc.: 1st: Geospatial reference dimension 0 Horizontal coordinate system 1 Vertical coordinate system 2nd: Geospatial reference method 0 Geographic 1 Map projection 2 Grid coordinate system 3 Local planar 4 Local 5 Geodetic model 6 Altitude 7 Method specified in $2 8 Depth

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