engl.: Corporate body name - added entry Pica+ 029F Anm. Gliederung wie 029A Pica3 312Y Pica+ 029G Weitere Sekundärkörperschaften Pica3 313Y Weitere Sekundärkörperschaften MAB 200b/c MARC21 710 Added Entry--Corporate Name (R) Subfields: $a Corporate name or jurisdiction name as entry element $b Subordinate unit (R) $c Location of meeting $d Date of meeting or treaty signing (R) $e Relator term (R) $f Date of a work $g Miscellaneous information $h Medium $i Relationship information (R) $k Form subheading (R) $l Language of a work $m Medium of performance for music (R) $n Number of part/section/meeting (R) $o Arranged statement for music $p Name of part/section of a work (R) $r Key for music $s Version $t Title of a work $u Affiliation $x International Standard Serial Number $0 Authority record control number $3 Materials specified $4 Relator code (R) $5 Institution to which field applies $6 Linkage Indic/etc.: 1st: Type of corporate name entry element 0 Inverted name 1 Jurisdiction name 2 Name in direct order 2nd: Type of added entry # No information provided 0 Alternative entry (BK CF MP MU SE MX) [obs.] 1 Secondary entry (BK CF MP MU SE MX) [obs.] 1 Printed on card (VM) [obs.] 2 Analytical entry 3 Not printed on card (VM) [obs.] UKMARC 710 Corporate name added entry heading Subfields: $a Entry element $c Subordinate body, or related body, government agency (R) $e additions to names (R) $i Number of conference $k date of conference $j Location of conference $p Location added to name (non-printing) $q Inverted term denoting incorporation $t Title element in name-title added entry, access required $u Title element in name-title added entry, access not required $w ISSN Indic/etc.: Indic.1: 1=name of government, 2=other Indic.2: 0=Collaborating corp. name heading, 1=other AACR2-required added entry heading, 2=supplementary added entry heading UNIMARC 711 Corporate body name - alternative intellectual responsibility (R) Indic/etc.: Subfields and indicators as in 700 Gedacht für 2. u. weitere Urheber im RAK-Sinne UNIMARC 712 Corporate body name - secondary intellectual responsibility (R) Indic/etc.: Subfields and indicators as in 700 Beteiligte Körp. im RAK-Sinne wären hier einzutragen allegro #61 NZN (obs.) 021 ZDB kla-klt Anm. nur GKD-Nr. Indikatoren: blank zweiteilige Verw. s einteilige Verw. z einteilige Verw. bei da=e v keine Verw. BIS 2403-2409t

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