engl.: Time period code; Chronological coverage code Definition: Zeitraum oder Zeitpunkt in codierter Form Pica+ 031@01 Anm. 2stellige Codes, z.B. gk = Kirchengeschichte Pica3 1111 Pica+ 045R Zeitschlagwort (Jahreszahlen) 042H Zeitcode DDK Pica3 531X Zeitschlagwort (Jahreszahlen) 814 Zeitcode DDK MAB2 039 Zeitcode (W5) Indik.: # (nicht spezifiziert a Zeitcode der UDK b Time Period Code der LC c Zeitcode nach Jahreszahlen z Sonstiger Zeitcode MAB 902z Zeitschlagwort als Kettenglied MARC21 045 Time Period of Content Subfields: $a Time period code (R) $b Formatted 9999 B.C. through A.D. time period (R) $c Formatted pre-9999 B.C. time period (R) Indic/etc.: 1st: Type of time period in subfield $b or $c # Subfield $b or $c not present 0 Single date/time 1 Multiple single dates/times 2 Range of dates/times 2nd: Undefined; contains a blank (#) MARC21 648 Subject added entry--Chronological term (R) Subfields: $a Chronological term $v Form subdivision $x General subdivision$y Chronological subdivision $z Geographic subdivision (R) $0 Authority record control number $2 Source of heading or term (NR) (Code from: MARC Code Lists for Relators) $3 Materials specified (NR) $6 Linkage (NR) See Control Subfields $8 Field link and sequence number (R) (See Control Subfiels) Values: #4021st: Type of date or time period # No information provided 0 Date or time period covered or depicted 1 Date or time period of creation or origin 2nd: Thesaurus: 0 - LCSH 1 - LC Children's Lit. 2 - MeSH 3 - NAL 4 - Not specif. 5 - Canadian SH 6 - Rép. de vedettes- matières 7 - Source specified in $2 UNIMARC 122 Coded data field: Time period of item content UNIMARC 661 Values: Appendix E allegro #30h

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