Früherer Titel; Fußnote frühere Titel]

engl.: Preceding entry Definition: bei Zeitschriften-Titeländerung Pica+ 039E Subfields: $a Standardtext, z.B. "früher:" $b Code für Titelverknüpfung $c Sachtitel $d Zusatz zum Sachtitel $S MAB-Indikator $9 IdentNummer des späteren Titels Anm. gespeichert ist normalerweise nur die IdentNummer und $a Pica3 4244 Struktur: Standardtext_: !PPN! _@Hauptsachtitel _:_Zusatz zum Sachtitel MAB 531 Hinweise auf frühere Ausgaben und Bände (W50) Anm. Indik. wie 526 MAB 532 Hinweise auf frühere und spätere sowie zeitweise gültige Titel (W50) MARC21 247 Former Title or Title Variations (R) Subfields: $a Title proper/short title $b Remainder of title $d Designation of section (SE) [obs.] $e Name of part/section (SE) [obs.] $f Designation of volume and issue number and/or date of a work $g Miscellaneous information $h Medium $n Number of part/section of a work (R) $p Name of part/section of a work (R) $x International Standard Serial Number $6 Linkage Indic/etc.: 1st: Title added entry 0 No title added entry 1 Title added entry 2nd: Note controller 0 Display note 1 Do not display note MARC21 780 Preceding Entry (R) Subfields: $a Main entry heading $b Edition $c Qualifying information $d Place, publisher, and date of publication $g Relationship information (R) $h Physical description of source $i Display text [NEW] $k Series data for related item (R) $m Material-specific details [NEW] $n Note (R) [NEW] $o Other item identifier [NEW] $q Parallel title (BK SE) [obs.] $r Report number (R) $s Uniform title $t Title $u Standard Technical Report Number $w Record control number (R) $x International Standard Serial Number $y CODEN designation $z International Standard Book Number (R) $6 Linkage $7 Control subfield
** 0 Type of main entry heading .... p Personal name .... c Corporate name .... m Meeting name .... u Uniform title .... n Not applicable ** 1 Form of name ** If$7/0 = p (Personal name): .... 0 Forename .... 1 Single surname .... 2 Multiple surname .... 3 Family name ** If$7/0 = c (Corporate name) or m (Meeting name): .... 0 Inverted name .... 1 Jurisdiction name .... 2 Name in direct order ** If$7/0 = u (Uniform title) or n (Not applicable): .... n Not applicable ** 2 Type of record .... a Language material .... b Archival and manuscripts control [obs.] .... c Printed music .... d Manuscript music .... e Printed map .... f Manuscript map .... g Projected medium .... i Nonmusical sound recording .... j Musical sound recording .... k Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic .... m Computer file .... o Kit .... p Mixed material .... r Three-dimensional artifact or .... naturally occurring object .... t Manuscript language material ** 3 Bibliographic level .... a Monographic component part .... b Serial component part .... c Collection .... d Subunit .... m Monograph/item .... s Serial Indic/etc.: 1st: Note controller 0 Display note 1 Do not display note 2nd: Type of relationship 0 Continues 1 Continues in part 2 Supersedes 3 Supersedes in part 4 Formed by the union of ... and ... 5 Absorbed 6 Absorbed in part 7 Separated from UNIMARC 430 Continues 431 Continues in part 432 Supersedes 433 Supersedes in part UNIMARC 434 Absorbed 435 Absorbed in part 436 Formed by merger of 437 Separated from allegro #23F Anm. nur zu besetzen, wenn der Titel indexiert werden soll. Sonst kommt er in #81F ... #81F Fußnote Frühere Titel NZN (obs.) 031 ZDB fra-fro Anm. zu besetzen mit ZDB-Nrn der Vorgänger fra bezieht sich auf Kategorie spa der früheren Zs., frb auf spb...

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