Serie Einheitssachtitel - Nebeneintragung

engl.: Series added entry - uniform title MARC21 830 Series Added Entry--Uniform Title (R) Subfields: $a Uniform title $d Date of treaty signing (R) $f Date of a work $g Miscellaneous information $h Medium $k Form subheading (R) $l Language of a work $m Medium of performance for music (R) $n Number of part/section of a work (R) $o Arranged statement for music $p Name of part/section of a work (R) $r Key for music $s Version $t Title of a work $v Volume number/sequential designation $w Bibliographic record control number $0 Authority record control number $6 Linkage Indic/etc.: 1st: Undefined; contains a blank (#) 2nd: Nonfiling characters 0-9 Number of nonfiling characters present # Nonfiling characters not specified [obs.]

2013 -05 -02
Auszug aus der allegro - Formatedatenbank
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