MARC21       411     See From Tracing--Meeting Name (R)
             $a   Meeting name or jurisdiction name as entry element
             $b   Number [obs.]
             $c   Location of meeting
             $d   Date of meeting
             $e   Subordinate unit (R)
             $f   Date of a work
             $g   Miscellaneous information
             $h   Medium
             $i   Relationship information (R)
             $k   Form subheading (R)
             $l   Language of a work
             $n   Number of part/section/meeting (R)
             $p   Name of part/section of a work (R)
             $q   Name of meeting following jurisdiction name entry element
             $s   Version
             $t   Title of a work
             $v   Form subdivision (R)
             $w   Control subfield
   ** 0 Special relationship
   .... a Earlier heading
   .... b Later heading
   .... d Acronym
   .... f Musical composition
   .... g Broader term
   .... h Narrower term
   .... i Reference instruction phrase in subfield$i
   .... n Not applicable
   ** 1 Tracing use restriction
   .... a Name reference structure only
   .... b Subject reference structure only
   .... c Series reference structure only
   .... d Name and subject reference structures
   .... e Name and series reference structures
   .... f Subject and series reference structures
   .... g Name, subject, and series reference structures
   .... n Not applicable
   ** 2 Earlier form of heading
   .... a Pre-AACR 2 form of heading (national name authority file)
   .... e Earlier established form of heading (national authority file)
   .... o Earlier established form of heading (other authority file)
   .... n Not applicable
   ** 3 Reference display
   .... a Reference not displayed
   .... b Reference not displayed, field 664 used
   .... c Reference not displayed, field 663 used
   .... d Reference not displayed, field 665 used
   .... n Not applicable
             $x   General subdivision (R)
             $y   Chronological subdivision (R)
             $z   Geographic subdivision (R)
             $4   Relationship code (R)
             $5   Institution to which field applies (R)
             $6   Linkage

 Indic/etc.: 1st: Type of meeting name entry element
             0 Inverted name
             1 Jurisdiction name
             2 Name in direct order
             2nd: Undefined; contains a blank (#)

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