MARC21       843     Reproduction Note (R)
             $a   Type of reproduction
             $b   Place of reproduction (R)
             $c   Agency responsible for reproduction (R)
             $d   Date of reproduction
             $e   Physical description of reproduction
             $f   Series statement of reproduction (R)
             $m   Dates of publication and/or sequential designation of issues
                     reproduced (R)
             $n   Note about reproduction (R)
             $3   Materials specified
             $6   Linkage [NEW]
             $7   Fixed-length data elements of reproduction
   ** 0 Type of date/publication status
   ** 1-4 Date 1/beginning date of publication
   ** 5-8 Date 2/ending date of publication
   ** 9-11 Place of publication, production, or execution
   ** 12 Frequency
   .... n Not applicable
   ** 13 Regularity
   .... n Not applicable
   ** 14 Form of item

2013 -05 -02
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