MARC21       854     Captions and Pattern--Supplementary Material (R)
             $a   First level of enumeration
             $b   Second level of enumeration
             $c   Third level of enumeration
             $d   Fourth level of enumeration
             $e   Fifth level of enumeration
             $f   Sixth level of enumeration
             $g   Alternative numbering scheme, first level of enumeration
             $h   Alternative numbering scheme, second level of enumeration
             $i   First level of chronology
             $j   Second level of chronology
             $k   Third level of chronology
             $l   Fourth level of chronology
             $m   Alternative numbering scheme, chronology
             $n   Pattern note
             $o   Type of supplementary material
             $p   Pieces per issuance
             $t   Copy
             $u   Bibliographic units per next higher level (R)
              $   Numbering continuity (R)
             $w   Frequency
             $x   Calendar change
             $y   Regularity pattern
             $3   Materials specified
             $6   Linkage
             $8   Link and sequence number

 Indic/etc.: 1st: Compressability and expandability
             0 Cannot compress or expand
             1 Can compress but not expand
             2 Can compress or expand
             3 Unknown
             2nd: Caption evaluation
             0 Captions verified; all levels present
             1 Captions verified; all levels may not be present
             2 Captions unverified; all levels present
             3 Captions unverified; all levels may not be present

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