MARC21       130     Heading--Uniform Title
   $a Uniform title
             $d   Date of treaty signing (R)
             $f   Date of a work
             $g   Miscellaneous information
             $h   Medium
             $k   Form subheading (R)
             $l   Language of a work
             $m   Medium of performance for music (R)
             $n   Number of part/section of a work (R)
             $o   Arranged statement for music
             $p   Name of part/section of a work (R)
             $r   Key for music
             $s   Version
             $t   Title of a work
             $v   Form subdivision (R)
             $x   General subdivision (R)
             $y   Chronological subdivision (R)
             $z   Geographic subdivision (R)
             $6   Linkage

 Indic/etc.:  1st: Undefined; contains a blank (#)
             2nd: Nonfiling characters
             0-9 Number of nonfiling characters present
MARC21               382 Medium of performance
   $a Medium of performance (R)
             $b   Soloist (R) in 382 (Medium of performance
             $d   Doubling instrument (R) in 382 (Medium of performance
             $n   Number of performers of the same medium (R)
             $p   Alternative medium of performance (R) in 382 (Medium of performance)
             $n   Number of performance of the same instrument/voice in preceding
                     subfield $a, $b, $d, or $p (R) in 382 (Medium of performance)
             $p   Alternative medium of performance (R)
             $s   Total number of performers (R)
             $v   Note (R)
             $0   Authority record control numbert
             $2   Source of term
             $6   Linkage
             $8   Field link and sequence number

 Indic/etc.:  1st:
             # no information provided
             0 Medium of performance
             1 Partial medium of performance
             # no information provided
             0 Not intended for access
             2 intended for access

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