MARC21       553     Valid Number Tracing (R)
             $a   Classification number element--single number or beginning number of
                     span (R)
             $c   Classification number element--ending number of* span (R)
             $h   Caption hierarchy (R)
             $i   Reference instruction phrase
             $j   Caption
             $k   Summary number span caption hierarchy (R)
             $t   Topic
             $w   Control subfield
   ** /0 Special relationship
   ** a Previous classification number
   ** b New classification number
   ** i Reference instruction phrase in subfield$i
   ** j See reference
   ** k Class elsewhere reference
   ** l See also reference 
   ** m Standard subdivisions do-not-use reference
   ** n Not applicable
   ** /1 Hierarchical relationship
   ** g Number representing broader topic
   ** h Number representing narrower topic
   ** n Not applicable
   ** /2 Reference display 
   ** a Reference not displayed
   ** n Not applicable
   ** /3 History reference
   ** a History reference, field 685 used
   ** n Not applicable
             $y   Table identification--schedule
             $z   Table identification--table number

 Indic/etc.: 1st: Source of classification number
             0 Schedule
             1 Table
             2nd: Undefined; contains a blank (#)

2013 -05 -02
Auszug aus der allegro - Formatedatenbank
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